In the midst of a brewing war between Mars and an empire encompassing the moons of Jupiter, three space pirates are thrust into an epic hunt with a resistance group for a godlike Artificial Intelligence that escaped Earth 500 years before at the time of its destruction. Only the Arondite Chip may help them to locate the Artilect and possibly save the resistance from total annihilation at the hands of multiple cyberphobic governments who would execute anyone for the simplest Cybernetic modification under the terms of the Artilect Protocol.

Rykon Volta takes us beyond the AI Singularity, and into a far flung future where he explores the endless potential of transhumanism to benefit humankind in the wake of the devastation of the Artilect War and against oppression by the Artilect Protocol. Join Cylon and his rag tag bunch of misfits as they scramble across the Sol system in search of the ultimate prize... Arondite and the future of humanity.

-Michael Owen, editor of Arondite